Aung Thu Kha

17A West Shwegonedaing Road, Bahan, Yangon
Phone: +95 1 525149
Opening Hours: 9:00 AM - 9:30 PM
Dining Style:   Casual
Speciality:  Noodle, curry, lobster, sambar
Notes :  N/A

User Reviews (2)

Aye Khaine Zin
Aye Khaine Zin

19 Jan 2015

Great place to get local Myanmar cuisine. They have good service which caters for the customers needs. The le phet is very tasty as are all the curries. Make sure you get the mohinga in the morning for breakfast. It is one of the best in Yangon. Two thumbs up!

Saurabh Mathur
Saurabh Mathur

22 Jan 2015

Really authentic local food here with a lot of variety. Also it is very cheap... makes for a great experience if you want the real Myanmar. Friendly staff

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